OíScotland is an attempt to capture two of the many moods of Scottish culture .... the plaintive and the exuberant. The folk songs "My Own Dear Oneís Gone" and "Oh Rowan Tree" provide heart-wrenching material for the former while the familiar "Auld Rob Morris" and two dances of my own invention offer a sharp contrast.

In 1899 Edward Elgar completed 14 variations on an original theme, each variation depicting one of his friends. The most attractive of the 14 is certainly the 9th which he devoted to his editor, August Jaeger with the subtitle "Nimrod" (Jaeger being German for hunter). My own piece is a set of five variations on Elgarís "Nimrod" variation.

Serenade is a "youthful" piece featuring the trumpet , written when I was in my early 70's. The flavor is distinctly Mediterranean ...... with long melismatic passages first in the trumpet and then echoed in the clarinet. Violins and woodwinds alternate in weaving a romantic interlude before the trumpet returns to repeat its arching song.

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Serenade -Allegro
O'Scotland - Moderato
Nimrod Variations - Moderato

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Paul Breer's Musical Style

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