I think it was Mozartís Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola, K. 364 that gave me the idea for a guitar-banjo double concerto. The difference in timbre between the two plucked instruments struck me as comparable to the difference between a violin and viola.... and thus something to explore musically. Both instruments lend themselves to the upbeat, contrapuntal piece I had in mind. In both fast and slow movements the guitar plays off the banjoís flat, twangy sound with its warm, rich overtones. Echoes of bluegrass can be heard throughout the piece.

I enjoyed writing the first concerto so much that I went on immediately to write a second. The slow movement of Concerto #2 occupies a unique place in my memory in that it includes a short piece I wrote for my fatherís funeral ..... the very first music I ever wrote.

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Concerto #1 - Allegro  •  Moderato  •  Presto
Concerto #2 - Allegro  •  Moderato  •  Allegro

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