Illusions of the Heart

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Residues of Love Excerpt: Ch. 2 The Library   
JeT'Adore Excerpt: Ch. 8 At the Beach


Illusions of the Heart contains two short stories, each revolving around the theme of internet romance. In Residues of Love two women explore the farthest reaches of intimacy in the privacy of an online chat room. Je T’Adore tells the story of a man who falls hopelessly in love with a woman who wants nothing to do with the opposite sex. Both tales can be read on a variety of levels. For the philosophically inclined they raise the age-old issue of appearance versus reality. For others they speak of a world where community ties give way to the anonymity of computer screens and keyboards.

Still others will read the stories as straight-forward tales of romance, both tragic and comic. Given their explicit nature, the erotic scenes may offend readers still clinging to Victorian sensibilities. In this respect the stories properly belong to that literary tradition, primarily French, where erotica is raised to the level of fine art.


The Residues of Love Je T'Adore
1. Kiri 1. At the Cafe
2. The Library 2. The Exhibition
3. An Unexpected Letter 3. The Separation
4. The Trip 4.
5. The Visit 5. First Meeting
6. Flight to Paris 6. On the Golf Course
7. The Meeting 7. The Photographs
8. Residues of Love 8. At the Beach
  9. Final Act

Residues of Love Excerpt: Ch. 2 The Library (internet conversation)

As she led the way down the corridor toward the rear stacks, I couldn’t help noticing the gentleness of her figure......the free and unselfconscious way she moved her body. I, of course, could not actually see her but found myself picturing her this way because of the graceful way she wrote. In contrast, my own sentences appeared labored and came more slowly; thoughts would often present themselves in French and have to be translated into English. In her posts Kiri said she was aware of this and went out of her way to reassure me that I was doing fine. More than once she admitted to envying my ability to speak two languages fluently. Her words helped but the doubts remained.

I stayed a few steps behind her until we reached a row of tall book cases against the rear wall of the library. At this point she turned around and faced me.......smiling but saying nothing. Her eyes spoke a mixture of tenderness and devilment. She looked up and down the corridor, seemed satisfied that no one could see us, then turned back to me. Her next words were spoken in a whisper but carried the weight of a bombshell: “Come, kiss me, Catou.”

My breathing came to an abrupt halt at the same time my heart began racing. I struggled to brain unable to make lips twitching with words conceived but not yet born. In the silence that followed she moved closer, took me by the shoulders and brushed her lips against mine. When I offered no resistance, she smiled innocently then kissed me hard on the mouth. I felt her hands in my hair, stroking my head, then cupping my face as she pried open my mouth with her tongue. Before I could even gasp for air, she was inside my mouth, probing, exploring.

JeT'Adore Excerpt: Ch. 8 At the Beach (internet conversation)

SirenSong: “Let’s go out on the deck. We can listen from there. I hate to miss any of this morning sun.” I bring our drinks out onto the deck and set them on a table. You follow, leaving your handbag on the couch.

Ismene (looking around): “This is so lovely here. You can see the lake through the trees…..there’s not a ripple on the surface. There are songbirds everywhere although I can’t see them. Just the chirping..…and Chopin’s piano. It is so peaceful, Jeanne. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time.”

SirenSong: “It pleases me to hear you say that. I feel the same way..…at least when I’m here. At work it’s another story.” As we sip our drinks, I reach over and place my hand on your arm. I am heartened when you do not remove it.

Ismene: I’m glad to be wearing short sleeves. Your hand is comforting on my bare skin. Breathing deeply, I turn to face you. I want to tell you what I am feeling. As I grope for the words, the music from inside the house swells to a climax. You can no longer hear me. I nod instead.….and let my eyes speak for me.

SirenSong: Drawn by your eyes, I rise from my chair and stand before you. As you watch, I unbutton my blouse and toss it onto the chair. You follow every movement as I lean toward you, showing you the top of my breasts through my bra. You return my smile. I whisper: “The snap is in the back.”

Ismene: With my heart racing, I reach behind you and undo the clasp. Your bra falls forward. Together we slip it off your shoulders and let it fall to the deck. Your breasts hang before me like slender white gourds. I cup them with my warm hands. You lean further, bringing your pink nipples within easy reach of my lips.I open my mouth and begin to suckle.

SirenSong: [you’re getting real good at this]…..As your lips close around my nipple, I begin purring like a mother cat. My eyes close. You squeeze my breast and circle the areola with your tongue. My knees start to buckle as I offer myself to you. To keep from falling, I place my hands on the back of your chair and bury my lips in your hair.

Ismene: [thanks …I’ve got a good teacher]…..Shifting my hands, I pull you to me, taking more of your breast in my mouth. I tug on your nipple like a hungry kitten. As the smell and taste of your skin seep into my consciousness, blotting out the world, I nuzzle closer. Suddenly a breeze sweeps across the deck, sending strands of your hair swirling. You hear my sigh and purr louder. I feel a new freedom, a new willingness to trust my instincts. All doubts have been swept away like leaves freed from their moorings by the autumn wind…..(giggle)…..I am aware of a moistening between my legs.

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