Skatersí Dream is unbridled romanticism, especially in the first movement where the flute and solo violin take turns setting the stage for a burst of melody that would have Tchaikovsky nodding his head in approval. The second movement brings to mind two skaters, mindless of the audience, weaving their way across the ice in a dream-like dance where only the other exists. The last movement features trumpet, trombone and tuba and is quite noisy.

I remember lots of Beethovenís music but the piece that haunts my memory most vividly is the third movement of his 9th symphony. The main theme is thoughtful without degenerating into sentimentality. The composer may have been resigned to his deafness when he wrote it, but we find no sign of self-pity in this the last and greatest of his symphonies.

You may find hints of Rachmaninov in Andante Cantabile, particularly in the very first measure. My original thought was to use the piece as the slow movement of a symphony but ended up liking enough to offer it as a separate piece. Like Skatersí Dream, it is highly romantic.

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Andante Cantabile - Moderato
Skater's Dream - On The Pond  •  Pas de Deux  •  Invitation to the Dance
Beethoven Remembered - Moderato

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